We are Turner & Moss Curated Goods, a whimsical and thoughtful collection of antique wares, home goods, and gifts, hand-selected to make every moment a celebration.

For every occasion, every gathering, the extravagant or the simple, the dinner party or the morning coffee ritual, there is opportunity for celebration. No matter how small, how simple, there is reason to celebrate. To celebrate beauty and life, to celebrate those who sit down beside us and those who came before us.

To break out the good china, to polish the antique silver, to lay out the stitched linens, to light the good candles, to open that great bottle and clink glasses that have witnessed celebration after celebration long before this one. To tie a ribbon around it, to string lights, and bask in the glow that surrounds us when we’re with the ones we love.

We are Turner & Moss Curated Goods, and we celebrate at every opportunity, the ordinary and the opulent. For every occasion, the magnificent or the mundane, there is opportunity to honor the beauty of life with the thoughtful, the lovely, and the well-curated.